How to choose the right faraday cage?



How to choose which is the right one for you?

Well, this might seem like an easy question to answer, but trust me it is not. Many forensics just simply don’t know which one is better and why. Well, now we are going to clear some things now, and i am going to tell you what is the difference between different isolation!

Why is it essential to isolate devices that forensics find?

There are many reasons why would someone isolate his/her device, a simple man like you or me could be using it to get some free time away from his telephone, or stop the government listening to his calls and microphone, but i am going to focus on the military and law enforcement reasons instead, if you don’t mind!

Forensic investigators need to put any wireless capable device into a faraday cage like cellphones, laptops, smart watches, gpses, at the crime scene, or take it from the suspect. But why do they need to do that? Well the answer to that is very simple, they need to make sure that no messages or datas are deleted from the phone remotely. For example imagine, if there was a phone that was operating a bomb under the floor, and the suspect took his time, and want to blow up the investigators, and the phone would act as a switch, when it receives the email. Now, that can be stopped with faraday bags, because no signals get trough it, the suspect would not be able to send the email or text to the phone as long as it is in the bag.

If a suspect has an apple phone, it can be erased remotely via iCloud, well the faraday cage block that as well! The suspect could use the phones as remote locators as well, what would make the private investigators vulnerable, so they will always have to beg these things.

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