Inergy Kodiak: Is the Portable Solar Generator Worth Enough To Invest?

Gone are those days of irritating inefficient devices that gave you much trouble for generating electric energy. It is true that with the invention of portable solar generator, the users have got relief from the gimmick of apparently efficient devices which were far away from the reliable and effective production of energy for regular use. Thanks to the improved solar cell efficiencies, better battery technologies and increased manufacturing processes that we are facilitated with power pack of portable solar generator that is not only efficient and practical, but also affordable.

For the people who are adventurous in spirit and love to go for camping or sporting activities and who often need emergency power supply Image result for solar powerfor their basic household needs, Kodiak presents an amazing solution with Inergy Kodiak solar generator. Since its launch in the market it has created much buzz. However, as a potential portable generator buyer, it is essential know whether Inergy Kodiak is worth enough to invest your money or all buzzes about it is nothing but hype. That is what has been found after reading many different solar generator reviews.

According to the recent trend of portable solar setups, we get to see the bigger panels combining with the larger battery storage capacity as it is hugely effective for working off-grid and traveling purposes. The great advantage of these large solar systems is it works as a microgrid that is capable of supplying AC (household current) along with an onboard inverter and DC (portable stuffs, charging batteries). Hence these systems offer several output ports including USB, standard 110V outsets and RV outlet. In case of Inergy Kodiak solar generators, the users are facilitated with 6 110v outlets and RV outlets to run many devices at a time. It comes with house current, solar panels, auto plugs and additional battery bank that ensure that this solar generator ensures that you will get complete power for the emergency need for an outage.

The latest addition of the solar generator category is Inergy Kodiak that is considered as the most light-weight, compact and expandable solar system that can supply enough power backup for the essential household needs. Of course, you cannot just plug your entire household during the emergency time for several reasons, but you have the freedom to selectively power a good number of household appliances including laptops, smartphones, refrigerators, base camp LED light, sump pump, chest freezer, medical devices and so on.

This compact lithium-ion battery pack weights only 20 pounds and measures 16″x 15″x 8″. Hence when it comes about choosing a solar generator capable of generating off-grid power at more than 1,000W, of course you can trust on Inergy Kodiak portable solar generator for its rated capability  1,100 W (90 amps at 12.6 volts).

Now, when it comes about cost of the portable solar generator system, we must have to accept that you will get much more than you pay for it. Compared to other top devices in the market including Goal Zero Yeti 1250 and Humless 1500, you will definitely prefer Inergy Kodiak as the most efficient portable solar generator system in the recent days.

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